Elmer Harrold was a very talented and prolific photographer, who created many images. I have a collection of hundreds of glass plate negatives, from Elmer, that were taken in the early 1900s and are still packed away in boxes. I have looked at a few of them to get an idea of what they are shots of, but they need a lot of attention. The paper envelopes that the plates have been stored in are browned and disintegrating, and the plates are crammed in so tightly that they are pressed together and hard to get one out at a time. There is somewhere in range of 500 hundred glass plate negatives that are stored like this, and I would love to be able to dedicate time and money to restore these plates and preserve them in order to prevent them from further damage. I would also like to make prints of theses negatives so that his work can be viewed and appreciated by people interested in the historical archive of the time. 

The subject matters of the various negatives cover a wide range. From documenting the work and products created at Crescent Machine Co to various cataloging of local flora and fauna of Eastern Ohio. You can get an idea from some of the images I was able to print in a darkroom that he was a very talented photographer who was very passionate about this medium. The glass plates also range in size from 2 by 3 inches up to 5 by 7 inches.

I would love your support in helping me preserve and make prints of these glass plates. This project is such a large undertaking that I need your help to cover expenses and equipment just to get these preserved and protected. These are a treasure to me because they are the work of a relative, but his work is truly beautiful. It needs to be saved and shared. You can help by  clicking the button below to donate so that I can rescue this photographic treasure. 

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I was able to accomplish this work with a small box of about 30 plates of Elmer's and I know that it is a time consuming and costly process.

  1. I need acid free paper envelopes to store each plate in to protect them and to prevent them from being damaged by the paper that they are wrapped in now.
  2. I would like to acquire a flatbed scanner intended to scan large format negatives so that I can digitize this impressive collection of photographs. 
  3. Last, my dream is to produce some prints of these images in a darkroom the way they would have been by Elmer himself. This will be the most costly part of the process but my goal is to be able to create a collection of prints so that his work can be seen the way it is supposed to be.