Developing my film again!


Since moving to Seattle I lost my ability to develop film. Taking classes at Belhaven University was allowing me to access the darkroom on campus where I was able to develop film and make prints. After about a year and a half I finally got the last few pieces in order to develop film from home. It was a slow process of acquiring gallon jugs, chemicals, reels, and a tank. Now I have gotten it all going and have gone through the process of finally developing my film from when I drove out to Seattle. 

I was able to look at my photos from the Grand Canyon and the rest of my journey from Orlando to Seattle. 

The upside to getting all of this set up is that I now have more motivation to shoot film again! Since I got everything ready to go I have shot more than 4 rolls of 36 exposures. So it has really lit the fire under me to get out and shoot more film.