The Magic of Film

Today I received my copy of Interstellar in the mail. I pre-ordered the Blu-ray because I knew that it was a movie I would own as soon as the credits started rolling when I saw it in the theaters.

I loved this movie from the beginning, all the way through. Many people thought it was too long but I was so drawn in by the story that I wanted more the second the credits began. The story, the music, the visuals, the characters, the science- Interstellar captured my imagination and passion in a significant way.

The promotional videos for Interstellar leading up to the release of the film were focused on the use of IMAX cameras and the large format film native to the IMAX. Through ingenuity and pure brawn they were able to create hand held rigs for the large and extremely heavy IMAX cameras. I enjoyed the pleasure of watching this in IMAX and getting the full experience that Director, Christopher Nolan, intended.

The reason I go into all of this rambling about the movie is that when I got my copy in the mail it contained a special item, one that I did not even know about when I ordered it. Lets face it; I was going to buy this with or without some promotional gimmick. In the Blu-ray case was a single frame of the movie, on IMAX film. I guess they chopped up a copy of the film to yield the huge amount of pieces of film of the movie to be given away. Even though I did not know this was going to be included I was very happy to receive it. I am happy with the piece that I got and think that it is actually a cool little freeze frame from the movie (maybe they were selective about the frames to keep people from getting a frame of motion blur or all black screen).

My piece of IMAX film from Interstellar

Anyway, the thing about this is that there is some mystery and magic surrounding this shot from the film. It is a little piece of the movie that I now have, and I was excited to see that people are selling the their pieces on ebay (maybe I’ll keep an eye out for a really great freeze frame from the movie that I might be interested in buying). If I had the money I would be buying all that I could, I mean, how cool would it be to have a big collection of the little pieces of IMAX film of this movie. It was interesting to me to get this after my last blog post about being captivated by old negatives and film. While this piece of film is far from old it still has some special qualities of sentimentality that I was very happy to receive.





If you bought a copy of Interstellar and got a piece of the film I would be happy to hear your thoughts about this and even see what frame you got from the movie.