The Gum Wall

Today is the day that gum wall is coming down. Even though it will still be receiving chewed bits of gum from many more people in the future, it will be starting from scratch. The work being done to the famous gum wall in Seattle will take it down to a bare brick wall, a blank canvas for the collective artistic endeavor to plaster a wall in flavored wads of saliva. 

The Gum Wall next to the entrance to the Market Theatre

I am glad that in my time in Seattle I have been able to see the gum wall a few times and seen the progression of the last year and a half. I will have to make another journey down there to experience what it will be like to walk down Post Alley without my feet sticking to the road or the smell of thousands of soggy pieces of gum baking in the sunlight. I will share some of my pictures from June 7, 2014 when I first took in the sensory assault of the Seattle Gum Wall. It is a very unusual and revolting experience to see and smell Post Alley, and one that I will not soon forget. 

I am confident that it will not take long for the people of Seattle, along with tourists, to cover the walls of the Market Theatre once again.